Arkansas hoping to flip Missouri DE commit Chris Turner (story)... … hris-turn/

Wow, Mizzou didn’t let him into the engineering department?

Pretty stunning, huh?

I asked him about it again just to make sure.

Dudley how many DL’s do you think we will take in this class?

Could you see us taking all 4 that visited this weekend?

Looks like we could be done at OL, and only going to take 3… could you see us taking 5 DL this year on top of the 4 we took last year? I would love to have these 4 from this weekend plus James…

From what I’ve read on several boards it will probably be Edwards at DT(all but committed at this point IMO) and one DE.

I think they will add another DE and another DT, but I don’t think you can fit all four in.

Didn’t even let him see it! Reading the thread, I thought it was some kind of admissions problem, but no…