Arkansas hoops staff will be

in Atlanta, Kansas City and Minneapolis this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend and June 28-30 are new evaluation periods for coaches this year. There will be four events approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations this weekend.

Bryant’s Khalen Robinson, Sylvan Hill’s Jalen Ricks and Nick Smith along with Madison Peaster will be in Kansas City.

Nice RD. Look forward to the day we get some more of that grad transfer talk! Need one more!

Who will be playing in the Nike event in Augusta ?

I assume you’re talking about Peach Jam?

Yes, the Peach Jam is being played in Augusta.

Here’s some.


Chris Moore

Jaylin Williams

Micah Peavey

Khalen Robinson

Nimari Burnett

Michael Foster

Greg Brown

Jamille Reynolds

Josh Christopher


Trey Alexander

KJ Adams

Jaxson Robinson

Daimion Collins

Bijan Cortes

Add Langston Love, who was offered today.

Zane Butler will be, too. :slight_smile:

(Adam Butler is TBD)

Correct. Payton Brown too.

sip smirk.

Let’s goooooo!

Also DaVontae Davis