Arkansas hoops signee Jordan Phllips dealing with hip issue (story)...

and won’t be playing in Thursday night’s Mike Conley, Jr. Challenge … hip-injur/

Is it me or does it not seem like more and more athletes are having surgery early on in their careers… It seems as though surgery has become the rule instead of the exception! I thought going under the knife was suppose to be a last resort to solving a injury, what happened to the old saying “Time will heal all wounds”…Though some may argue that time doesn’t heal them all; I for one believe that type of understanding steams from the fact that many have just simply given up on time and rather have a quick fix, reach maybe exactly the reason why we see more and more injuries having long term affects. Patience is always a good virtue to have

I do get your point about us becoming a microwave society wanting quick fixes. However, I don’t know how old you are, but medical industry has come a long ways from when I was in twenties. What used to be complicated procedures have become rather simple outpatient procedures. I do think big time surgeries are still last resort.

I’m 27, by the grace of God, and thanks bringing up the fact of medical advancement helps give the situation a little more clarity for me, however I’m still not sure I’m a fan of surgery as a first resort, as it seems, even if it’s out patient

It’s similar to the procedure Isaiah Thomas had done.

So do you see him contributing next year?

That’s not good. How long is Phillips suppose to be out for? I know Thomas missed a lot of time after his hip surgery, then he wasn’t the same, and got hurt again.

Hopes to be ready for an all-star game on 4-18 so doesn’t sound that serious.

Probably about two months.

Comments: I share your understanding as well. Phillips was selected to play in the prestigious all Texas high school All-Star game, the article I read stated the procedure had already been completed, and he was looking forward to playing in the game, Scheduled in mid April. As I understand it he had developed bone spurs on a hip injury and it was being removed