Arkansas hoops signee Akol Mawein patiently awaiting season's start (story)

Great job Dudley! I love your work.

I selfishly wish he’d opt out and come here with 3yrs of eligibility since his season is starting so late.

It’s likely that they are going to get an extra year anyway so odds are he will have three to play at Arkansas.

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Doesn’t that rule state “at the school they were attending in 2020/21”? I think that would eliminate his gaining a 3rd at Arkansas.

Here’s what I focused on. I hope to talk to his juco coach and Arkansas today to get a clarification

The junior college organization’s ruling potentially means that freshmen could play this spring and still enter a four-year school with four years of eligibility. Likewise, junior college athletes would be eligible to return for a third season.


Oh, that’s great. I hadn’t seen that.

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