Arkansas Hoops recruit Jordan Walsh will play his senior season in Branson (story)

per Jordan Walsh himself.

I WholeHogSports - Arkansas hoops target Walsh will play senior year in Branson

You think that would be a positive sign for us (geographic proximity, etc.) or is that reading too much into it?

Certainly can’t hurt, but he is still taking visits.

Does plan to sigh in November

Link Academy, that’s only about an hour or so away from Fayetteville, I think?

Do you think Arkansas can beat out USC or Ohio St for his commitment? These are the 3 schools I’m hearing Walsh likes the most.

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Double checked with him.

He is not planning on taking visits to either USC or Ohio State. Those schools are out.

I’ll have a story up soon.

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92 miles, an hour-45 according to Google maps. Close enough.

Interesting. I feel better that USC isn’t in the picture.

Yep, very interesting

I missed the comma in my first read and thought WOW that’s fast over those roads. :rofl:

That would be fast over any roads this side of the Autobahn. Or I-70 in western Kansas.

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Basketball gods, please make it happen.

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Amen, PJ. This kid will blow the roof off The Bud. Hopefully Muss will reel him in.:crossed_fingers:

An interesting week wrt Jordan Walsh.

First, we find out that Walsh will be playing his senior year of high school ball at Link Academy in Branson.

Then, Dudley informs us that USC and Ohio State are no longer being considered by Jordan. Don’t know if UCLA is in play here or not.

This just “feels” good for Arkansas, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much.

Been burned too many times before.


247 shows he visits Arizona State this weekend and then Kansas and Texas next two weekends. I think we can judge this better after whether he takes those visits or not. Looks like he will commit within a couple of weeks after that

Yes - that’s in my story as well as his plans to visit Oregon as well.

Kansas, Texas, and Oregon

Still looking at November sometime before Walsh commits?

Per Walsh himself - visits the next four weekends

Then there would still be a month before the early signing period.

And he plans on signing in November.

I’m just reporting what he says.

Makes sense, Thanks,

I might regret posting this, but I still like Arkansas’ chances with Walsh, even with his Kansas and Texas visits on the horizon.

And why Kansas? How does Self continue to attract top recruits to visit KU when it’s now known he’s a big cheat and fraud? Makes no sense.