Arkansas hit 13 homers on the weekend

UK pitching had allowed only 11 homers (playing in a small home park) in the first 17 games. Arkansas had 13 in three games against the Wildcats. The wind was blowing out most of the weekend (although it was never blowing hard). The impressive thing was that many of the Arkansas homers were to the opposite field. That’s great hitting.

The wind was blowing out for the KY hitters, who are impressive, too. In fact, they led the SEC in all fhe power numbers coming into this series. But our pitchers held them to 3 dingers.

That’s great pitching!

just an absolutely awesome display of patience and power!! P&P amazing discipline and mashing it where the ball was pitched! felt sorry for D Fletch not getting in on the fun but his day is coming!! just wished we could bottle this.Concerned a little about Knight but if Campbell throws the way he did lookout! i mean throwing 96 on his 98th pitch of the day! that’s a Boss! extremely excited about this team…

Now, Wiz, you know the wind changed every alternate half-inning. :smiley:

If they keep working at it they will do better.

Clay, is there a compilation video of all the home runs this weekend? It would be a cool thing to see.

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