Arkansas history is special: Moncrief v Bird

Arkansas basketball history is undeniable.

We have sometimes forgotten with fits and starts last two decades.

We need to remember what this program is all
about because it is indeed special.

At least as long as those of us who know and saw remember.

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Thanks for sharing.

I’m glad it didn’t include the end. He traveled.

I think so many players today could learn a lot from watching how Moncrief played,he was a master of the pump fake to get his shots off,so many players today have no clue what that is…Chaney for ex. could be much more effective inside if he would use it,he has once or twice but that’s it.

Sidney was also the master of the hook move with his off arm; it was almost never called.

Pump faking tends to get you called for traveling these days. I think Chaney got whistled for it a couple of time Saturday.

Chaney gets called for Traveling all the time,tenses up when somebody shows up in front of him,just needs work on post moves b/c he has a very nice touch around the rim

I often thought Syd just might jump up on top of the back board and sit there with the ball in his hands and say neener neener neener.
No pun intended.

My favorite of all time Sports Illustrated cover pictures was of Sid’s two handed slam dunk against Texass in a great comeback win in Barnhill in 1978. Came out 42 years ago last week.

Yep I still have that SI copy …

Actually it was US Reed that traveled and it was a horrible call. Breaks my heart to this day to think about it.

Ummmm. My memory is not the greatest, but I’m thinking that Indiana State won that game on a late shot by a white guy other than Bird who shuffled his feet driving through the lane. Others might remember better than I.

Oh I thought you meant Sid traveled. US was tripped and lost control of the ball and they called a travel on us and gave the ball back to ISU for last possession. I get sick thinking of it.

Have it framed along with the national championship cover. Everybody should :grinning:

I believe that white player’s name was Horton and I seem to remember he walked before he shots the ball.

That’s exactly what happened. Awful call. Cost us a trip to the FF.

Bob Heaton was the ISU player who scored the winning basket. I don’t remember him walking, but I do remember he flipped up a prayer with his off hand that was answered.

Heaton is now an Indiana state legislator, by the way.

This was absolutely the best performance in a big game. Sidney did it all that game. The last 8 minutes of the game, Sidney fronted Bird. Bird did not score. That should be a teaching film of how to front a bigger opponent.

Sure wish we had Sidney for the rest of the year. We would be dancing.

Yep, Bob Heaton did us in with a prayer. He needs a statue and NBA Hall of Fame status. Without his shot, the historic Bird vs Magic in finals never happens. Sid leads Hogs over Michigan State puts Moncrief as first pick by Lakers instead of Magic. Without Heaton, Celtics v Lakers games in 80’s not the same. I was so heartbroken I tried to quit watching but US Reed hits halfcourter to beat defending champ Louisville and I started enjoying a coach in polka dots Nolan Richardson at Tulsa that won NIT with pg Mike Anderson and mvp Paul Pressey. Graduated high school and had front row season tickets for year of Phi Slamma Jamma and repeat tripping Balentine no call heartache with sweet 16 Louisville tip in at buzzer and 1984 ot to Virginia. Watched Tulsa hoops highlights and near May graduation the Tulsa coach was hired by Arkansas. Moved to Memphis and met Coach Anderson at Red White game attended by Penny Hardaway, to check out fellow Memphians Ron Huery and Todd Day. Saw the championship run. I moved to Nashville, Nolan gets canned and the golden age 1977-2001 rights of March ended.

I don’t think so. Magic was clearly the better player as his NBA career showed (both Hall of Fame, but Magic far outshone Sid even taking that into account). I have never heard any serious suggestions that LA would have taken Sid. Remember that Sid wound up taken fifth, after Magic and three big men (including Magic’s teammate Greg Kelser). The NBA coach who took Kelser? Dickie V.

Correct historically after Magic beat Bird, he was going to be number one. However Jerry West was seiously interested in Sidney with top pick per reports at the time before sticking with Injury free champ Magic.
Picks 2-4 needed frontcourt help is why Sid went 5. If Hogs had beaten Bird and Magic to win championship, I was saying history might have played out differently. Yep, Dickie V has often said if he had picked Sidney instead of Kelser Mich St then he might have been more successful in nba.

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Heaton was in the front row (with a friend of mine) for the Arkansas-Indiana game earlier this year. He is a state senator. I was asked if I wanted to interview him, but I passed. I covered that game and it was a trip. They didn’t call the trips as fouls as they do now. Mostly, they just called it walking and finally they added an interpretation to the rule that suggested that the referees call that a defensive foul instead of a walk. I don’t know if that play had anything to do with it, but it is the right way. There are times a player goes down and a trip is called and it’s an error because there was no contact, but most of the time the defensive player should get a foul. I guess what happened to Reed influences me.

I remember the thought leading up the game that Arkansas had a power forward (Alan Zahn) who would be able to slow Bird a little bit. There were no power forwards in the Missouri Valley worth their salt in that particular year. Bird killed all of them. But Zahn did no better and the game was almost too far gone when Sutton decided to switch Moncrief onto Bird. That turned it for Arkansas – until the bad call at the end.

Heaton’s shot was with his off hand and no more than a shot put, but it went in.