Arkansas Hawks starting 5 could potentially make history

if all five end up at Arkansas. Best I can tell no spring or summer starting five have all signed with the same team. … -end-up-w/

Coach Watkins was much maligned on the HI Board, with many calls for firing him. Good to read about the valuable contributions to the program that Melvin is making. He has been a key cog in the success of Mike Anderson’s career to date and has been responsible for landing key recruits. And also he has kept the program clean. Fly by night recruiter, he is not.

Good point PJ. It’s better to follow the rules and miss on a few than bend the rules and develop a shady reputation…It’s also the right thing to do.

So lets say we get eh starting 5. I am curious as to how their summer record has been. Nit saying it will have much bearing, but wondering how that 5 matches up against some of their peers as a team.

Don’t quote me on this, but it was something like 33-4.

Something close to that, and finished #10 in somebody’s ranking of U16 teams.