Arkansas has "uncommon"; Georgia now has . . . .

I don’t really want part in this.

But figured I’d give some input.

The pro rate isn’t something that I would cling to. (Personally)

As of the beginning of last years NFL season Arkansas had 17 players on NFL rosters, that was tied for 11th in the sec.

So not translating to huge pro success.

CBBs players are making up the entire roster now so maybe they will have some pro success.

But guys that are really having success in the NFL are still not CBB players. (From Arkansas) Trey Flowers, Dmac, J wright, J peters, T Swanson. Cobi and Knile are in the float around stage of their careers.
So I think it’s a tad early to say that.
Hunter henry and Alex Collins are some of CBBs that did have a good season and we had some of his guys get drafted this year so we will see how they pan out.

I’m sure I didn’t list everyone, I’m just thinking of those off the top of my head that I know have had at least a decent career within the last ten years. Also those who had at least a decent season last year.

It was bothering me on the actually number, so I looked it up.
Ar Arkansas 6 of CBBs recruits have been drafted. This draft marked the last of the recruits that were not CBBs.

It’s still pretty premature to call the pro success 2 classes have been draft eligible (jucos being the exception) with 6 draftees, 4 being fromclass of 2013, 1 from 14’ and 1 from 15’. There are a couple of Guys that signed free agent deals, those typically don’t last long. Sometimes they do though, look at J peters.

I doubt the recruiting motto has much effect, but it may.