Arkansas has set a football/basketball series with Western Kentucky

The football teams will play in 2019, while the basketball teams will meet in each of the two coming seasons. This is the same type of contract Arkansas scheduled with Colorado State a couple of years back. … -football/

Arkansas’ 2019 football schedule looks like this:

Known Dates
Aug. 31 - Portland State (Fayetteville or Little Rock)
Sept. 14 - Colorado State (Fayetteville)
Sept. 21 - San Jose State (Fayetteville or Little Rock)
Sept. 28 - Texas A&M (Arlington, Texas)
Nov. 9 - Western Kentucky (Fayetteville)

Unknown Dates
vs. Missouri, Mississippi State and Auburn
at Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Kentucky

So, early season week off, or will the SEC have us open two seasons in a row on the road with a game at OM? I noticed they have TBA on Sept 7th, too.

I’m not sure. There will be two off dates in 2019 because there is an extra weekend between Labor Day and the first weekend of December when the conference championship games are played. It will be the same way in 2020, then one off week from 2021-23.

Ok, I hadn’t checked on the number of off weeks, I knew it was going to be two for some upcoming years.

One other question, you have a couple of games listed as either LR or Fayetteville, has the University officially stated they are renewing the WMS contract, if so, details??

No, the contract has not been renewed. The game contracts include language that Arkansas, at its sole discretion, can play the game either in Fayetteville or Little Rock. I read it as the Razorbacks are keeping their options open should the War Memorial contract be renewed past 2018. The same language is in some other upcoming game contracts.

Ok, I was checking to see if the ADG was having you hold back the story so they could run it on page 1 on a Sunday, lol, double secret emails you know…

I knew because of the Michigan fiasco that Arkansas had been let out of the Power-5 mandate for 2018 but did not know that the SEC had given its OK for the 2019 season to be without a Power-5 non-conference opponent. Did they authorize that for 2019 because it’s hard to get a P-5 opponent to start a home-and-home in an odd year or because Arkansas added Colorado State to the schedule?

Yes, it received a two-year reprieve from the Power 5 mandate last March. The 2019 game with Colorado State was already scheduled when Michigan pulled out of the series, so they added another year and made it a home-and-home.

Colorado State is not a bad program; certainly a lot better than many in the Group of 5. In fact, it plays in the same conference as Air Force, which can serve as a Power 5 substitute because it is a military academy. BYU, now an independent, was in that conference up until 2010. Colorado State recently made its own bid to be in the Big 12 before the conference said it wasn’t expanding. It will be interesting to see if Colorado State can improve its positioning among the G5 teams with the new stadium.

OK, I didn’t realize it was a two-year exemption. Yes, I expect Colorado State to give us everything they have this year. Don’t know much about their program but they are much more respectable than many G-5s.

given that CSU is a decent program, it’s a pretty managable OOC schedule & should guarantee bowl eligibilty