Arkansas has offered 164 players for the class of '18

WTH is Iowa State doing?

If these numbers are right, Mississippi State and Mississippi must think the Egg Bowl is won by offering the most recruits. Don’t complain about Alabama offering too many when they are 11th in offers (though that may go up). Arkansas is a long ways back at 13th (but it is a small class) and Texas A&M has only offered 92. Interesting, Texas has offered just 87.

I don’t know that I would believe those numbers. A lot of them may be kids inflating their own egos by claiming offers that haven’t been offered. (Remember the kid who “committed” to Cal a few years back when they hadn’t even scouted him?)

Here’s the story of that kid:

Iowa State is playing the percentages it might seem, I’ll bet if you put every players name they have offered in a hat and pulled one out they couldn’t tell you anything about him beyond basic information other than the four & five star recruits. WPS

I remember when the “U” (down the road from me) use to recruit by offering every the player’s listed top 150 online without doing their due diligence (research) and we’re constant recruiting champs without a real title.