Arkansas has made Keyshawn Embery's Final Five...

Embery - the 6-3, 175-pound point guard from Oklahoma City, Okla., Midwest City - cut his list to five on Tuesday with, Arkansas, Arizona State, Butler, Texas A&M and West Virginia.

Embery has visits set up to Arkansas on Aug. 25th, Butler on Sept. 9th, West Virginia on Sept. 15th and Texas A&M on Sept. 29 and is in the process of setting up one to Arizona State.

So, Arkansas and A&M are the common finalists for Keyshawn and LeBlanc. They have said they may want to go to the same school.

Yea, looks like A&M may have swooped in to make Embery’s took 5, because initially Embery was saying Arkansas was the only school that both he and LeBlanc could play at together. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if A&M started picking up recruitment on Embery for that reason alone. Billy Kennedy just throws out a bunch of scholarships and sees what sticks.

On the one hand, we get them first . . . which can be an advantage.

On the other hand, they get them last - which also can be an advantage.

Plus, they host them on a weekend where the Aggies host a football game (S. Carolina), while the due visits us a few days before our opener. You never know how much difference it would make, but I’d love to have them there to see what kind of fan support we get. I’ve always felt that’s an advantage, whether it’s basketball recruits going to a home football game, or the other way around.

I always thought it was a huge advantage to get that first visit. It would be interesting if somebody compiled a list of the percentage of recruits that committed on that first visit. I bet it would be a decent number. You see a lot of kids get on that first visit and get wowed and go ahead and commit on the spot. I always felt the last visit was a big disadvantage because by the time the kid has got to their 5th visit, unless your just bringing something amazing to the tablet it’s not much they haven’t seen or heard and they aren’t really blown away by anything anymore. And the big thing about the last visit is a lot of times you see kids not even make to the last visit, they’ll visit 2 or 3 places and pretty much know what they want after that.

Totally agree on that. I don’t have a percentage on this, but it is clear that the last visit does not happen quite often. When last visit does happen, often the kid had made up his mind who his pick was before the visits were planned.

Agree with both of you - often, if you’re the 4th or 5th team, the recruits “falls in love” with someone he visits before he gets to your campus, and never makes the trip at all.

Still, I wish they could be here to experience a game day. Assuming they do make it to A&M, that’s a big advantage for them. Say what you will about the Aggies; but their football game day experience is very good (from personal experience).

Yea, you’re right about the football game, I do prefer a recruit come during a football game for the atmosphere, and a chance to see all the fans. With that said, how much that affects the visit is recruit dependent. Sometimes those kids don’t really care too much about the football game, it’s just kind of something they go to because the school gave them free tickets, not really going to affect their decision or visit one way or the other. The big things for them are going to be the basketball stuff, practice facility, Bud Walton arena, bonding with the other basketball players etc.