Arkansas hanging on in latest AP poll

Yep. Got to play better is an understatement. Kids are learning on the fly. I expect them to get with it. I’m not abandoning ship. :coffee::sunglasses::eyes:

Not gonna use the MUST WIN words, but beating Mizzou would be HUGE followed by three straight homers in SEC play (at Baylor in-between), giving us a decent chance to pop above .500 in the SEC standings.

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Here is how AP voters handled the Razorbacks this week:

If they fail to pull out a couple of wins this week there won’t be a reason to check the polls next Monday.

Gotta go 2-0 this week, Army.

We obviously still have some capital with the voters, because I don’t think anybody here thinks we look like a Top 25 team right now. Bob Holt sure doesn’t.

Beating Mizzou will be a steep climb. This game coming up will be their “revenge” game or whatever against us. Will need max effort from everyone on defense.

I think we will drop out of all top 25s and I am okay with that, as long as we claw our way back in, and to a 3 or 4 seed by the tournament,

Not gonna happen unless we start winning soon. We have 5 losses, and are 1-4 in the SEC. We desperately need the W Wednesday.

Vandy was a horrible loss, and it’s beginning to look like the LSU loss was pretty bad too. Quite frankly, we have looked like trash since SEC play started.

Win against Mizzou, and the schedule becomes a little easier for a few games.

Go Hogs!

Emphasize rebounds and three point close outs we will win on road v Missouri. Will take fight and grit

Yes for sure. Just the sniff of the first win might start a streak. It’s almost like they have lost the edge. A win or 2 can sure change their confidence

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Thanks for bring me back down to earth, Jeremy. I always appreciate your insights.

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