Arkansas getting more votes

In both the AP and coaches.

We would be ranked 28th in both. Indiana also taking a jump and receiving votes, would be 29th in both.

With the losses piling up among those the ranked teams that have been just changing spots. At some point the losses will get a point where someone has to fall out. (Ohio State) is a good example! Michigan and Michigan State May not last long in the top 25 either.
The polls are over rated in my opinion because the media pumps the blue bloods and some mid major darlings!
Look at the Net ratings for the Big 10 and the Big East and see is you can figure out how all those teams with 4 and 5 losses are that high! I sure can’t.

The hogs were 9th in RPI yesterday
and sit firmly in the top 25 of the net yet we aren’t ranked and haven’t been to this point in the year. How the heck are teams ranked?
I guess in March we will see the dance turn into the Big 10, Big East and Big 12 invitational tournament.

I just hope the SEC takes the
SEC vs Big 12 challenge serious and we win 6 out of the 8 games.

Ranking doesn’t matter. But if we beat Vandy and the Jellycats we’ll be ranked next week. And deserve it. If not…

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