Arkansas - Game 3

And we are off

Arkansas started Kingsley, Barford, Macon, Hannahs and Thonas

Hogs up 18-13 early


Kingsley and Hannahs both with 6 points early

Thomas, Jones and Macon all with 2

Kingsley came out much more active today

Arkansas has hit 9 of its 14 field goal attempts so far so easily its best start of the trip

Second five in

Watkins, Jones, Thompson, Cook, Beard

Offense looks to be clicking right now. CJ Jones picking up where he left off.

Looks like we are sloppy with the ball. 6 turnovers in 10 minutes.

Arkansas 28, Barcelona 22

Kingsley 6
Hannahs 6
Jones 5

Only 3 of them were legit

The shortest ref ever is doing this game


Arkansas now up 40-28 - with 4:45 left in the first half

Best start they have had, best defense they have played, getting to the hoop a lot

Looks like Barford’s best game

Kingsley 10 points, 8 rebounds

Hannahs 8
Watkins 7
Barford 7 points, 4 assists
Thompson 5 points, 7 rebounds
Macon 5
Jones 5 (2-7 FG)
Thomas 2 points, 6 rebounds
Bailey 4 and 3
Beard 4
Hazen 2
Cook scoreless

Arkansas 27-45 FG
3-10 3-pointers
2-6 FTs

Arkansas 35-14 on the rebounds

Razorbacks have 12 turnovers (about 7 of which were walks that were not walks)

Have forced 11 turnovers

What are they calling a walk? May be difficult to describe. Just seems weird.

Overall much better game - Barcelona having trouble getting into their offense and most of the 24 second clock seems gone by the time they do.

Couple of big-time shooters have allowed them to keep from being totally routed

This team has a 6-10 center so it’s been good for Moses and Trey, who are both playing well

It’s mind-boggling.

It’s as if they are too fast on the moves to the basket.

There’s number 8 walk that wasn’t a walk

Interesting. Refs at this level may not have seen this level of athleticism.

doing a pretty good job calling this game - except for their interpretation of the walk call.

At least 12 of those - that have not been walks.

3 have or so

Arkansas 69-47 with 2:36 left in the third quarter

Dudley, pls tell us about our work on the boards. Not like us to outrebound someone like this. Are they small? We just quicker to the glass?

Arkansas 72, Barcelona 54