Arkansas-Ga Tech game thread

6 o’clock tip.

I’m ready for the tip off! I hope the hogs play hard!

Seems like a ref has a Ga Tech whistle.

Hogs playing good defense, but need to watch the switches.

Offensively, we gotta shoot them out of that zone.

And the officials are a little bias. Go figure.

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Blocking foul not called.

General, I know you officiated, so my question, am I imagining thing or has AR had position twice on offensive rebounds, their guy went over the back and no call

You are correct! But we aren’t going to get that call it seems being the smaller team.

The officials for the most part are letting them play with some hand checking, but I don’t see that lasting for long.

Georgia Tech trying to out big Arkansas now.

Need to attack their bigs and get them in foul trouble

Bailey has to hit that foul line jumper and Chaney has to pump fake and go up strong and not pass it out everytime

Desi also needs to shoot when he’s open. You can tell his confidence is shaken

Our defense so far is doing a good job of using Georgia Tech’s aggression against them.

Of course Mason misses his first free throw

Refs are very selective in what their calling.

I think Banks should have been called late. Looked like he pushed off and no call.

Bad officiating and missed open looks are keeping Georgia Tech in the game.

got to the hit FT and wide open 3’s if we are going to win this,Cylla been a big letdown so far,I was expecting much more from him.good to have alead but could be 8-10 lead very easily

Jimmy is keeping then in the game. He’s missed a lot of mid range jumpers he usually hits. We’d have about 45 if he was hitting. Guess it’s gonna be one of those nights

I expect Whitt to step up in the 2nd half,he’s had too many shots to keep missing them,they are giving us the jumper in the middle