Arkansas free agent signees...

Drew Morgan - Miami Dolphins

Keon Hatcher - Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

Cody Hollister - New England Patriots

Jared Collins - Los Angeles Rams

Hearing Dan Skipper to the Cowboys.

Toby Baker will tryout for the Jets.

I was not surprised that Dan Skipper was not drafted. I heard both Bielema and Anderson talk about the high draft prospects for Skipper and I never believed them. He was a good college player, but I don’t see his foot speed translating to the next level. Maybe Dan will make it. I hope so. I like him a lot. But he seems too slow to play tackle and too long to play in tight space inside where leverage is so important.

Of course I love him being with the Cowboys, but there are not a lot of spots in reserve for the O-line in Dallas

I might need to head down for the one of the preseason games this season to see him

By the way, Arkansas plays Texas &AM on Sept. 23 and for the first time since the Razorbacks have been playing at Cowboys Stadium, Dallas will not have a home game the next day.

The Cowboys are at Arizona on Monday night that weekend.

Saw a “expert”, believe it was ESPN, said Skipper would have the best chance making it on special teams, on the FG and FG block teams. Dallas does need help in that area.