Arkansas, fouls, and Refs.

While looking at the stats for the season, I notices Arkansas was the
only school over 600 fouls. That’s not to say there weren’t a few in
the high 500s, just saying Arkansas easily lead the league in fouls.

If you look at the home margin, were you’d expect generally the home
team gets the better calls and the visitors would have more fouls, well…
I think Arkansas was the only team in the league that had a negative
home court margin.

So we don’t seem to get the calls on the road or at home.

So like the guy that has a reputation of technical fouls and the refs
are aware of this, so they are quicker to anticipate a tech against him,
does Arkansas suffer the effects of a fouling rep and the refs just act
accordingly and anticipate too much against us? How to you fix that?

I also realize defense is played with your feet and this has to be one of
the worst / slowest “footed” team I’ve watched. As a result, we do tend
to grab too much with our hands. I’m sure this contributes, still I think
we are looked at a bit unfairly as a fouling team and that works against
us in the refs minds.

Anyways… back to the game.