Arkansas forwards' shooting numbers

I went back through all of my shot charts beginning with Texas A&M through Tuesday at Missouri, including the game at Texas Tech, and found some pretty staggering numbers in regards to Arkansas’ forwards’ numbers on jumpshots.

Through those 12 games, Gafford/Bailey/Chaney/Osabuohien are 11-of-60 (18.3%) on all jumpers and 7-of-44 (15.9%) on 2-point jumpers.

All jumpers, including 3s: Gafford 0-for-7, Bailey 7-of-27, Chaney 1-of-9, Osabuohien 3-of-17.
2-point jumpers only: Gafford 0-for-7, Bailey 6-of-23, Chaney 1-of-9, Osabuohien 0-of-5.

0-of-4 on left side of floor, 0-of-2 between elbows, 0-of-1 on right side of floor –> 2-point jumpers

4-of-8 on left side of floor, 0-of-7 between elbows, 2-of-8 on right side of floor –> 2-point jumpers
5-of-10 on left side of floor, 0-of-8 between elbows, 2-of-9 on right side of floor –> jumpers including 3s

0-of-1 on left side of floor, 1-of-7 between elbows, 0-of-1 on right side of floor –> 2-point jumpers

0-of-2 on left side of floor, 0-of-3 between elbows –> 2-point jumpers
2-of-11 on left side of floor, 1-of-4 between elbows, 0-of-2 on right side of floor –> jumpers including 3s

Well, I am not surprised they are low, but man 15% is just sad. That is bad if they were all 3’s, but really bad when you consider some of those jumpers are from 6’-16’. 1 of every 6 or 7 jumpers is made. We know the team’s primary weakness are the forwards, if you count Gafford as a center. You can survive this way playing poor teams, but when you play a team like Mississippi State who is pretty big and physical on the front line, you are at a huge disadvantage.

It is a dang shame Reggie Perry switched teams…he would have made a great difference for us…probably making a non-tournament team a tournament team. Gafford and Perry on the front line with Joe, Jones and Harris…pretty salty.

Once again, we come up short.

What about next year? Who do we have coming to replace Gafford to strengthen the front line?

What’s crazy after seeing those numbers many continue to believe we will make to the big dance including some bracket sites. But IMO it shows why we will have such a hard time finishing strong down the stretch and also worries me about next seasons scoring ability. You can win with those numbers if you have a lockdown defense that cause 20 turnovers a game and runs the floor making layups and doesn’t spend much time in a half court offense. WPS

What’s even crazier is throw in the rebound stats, early FT stats, with this. Wonder how in the heck we are / were in any Tourney conversation at any time and even have a winning record now?

not surprised at all,none of those are good shooters and yet we signed them big part of our problem,we are not getting enough people in here that can shoot.

Might be in the minority here but i see Mason Jones as a 3.

Outside of Jones, Joe and Gafford dunks we are pretty bad shooting the ball! And we still see Gabe and Adrio jacking up 3’s!
The real problem with Gabe and Adrio is finishing at the rim. The other problem they need to be rebounding just like anyone on the floor. ( REBOUND).

Harris isn’t much better than they are shooting the ball.

I wholeheartedly agree but Gabe looked good at the rim towards the end of the game vs. Mizzou and helped bring us back. I don’t think he’s too far off from being able to finish and his handles aren’t terrible. The game is slowing down for him a bit.

My question is. How did some of these players get scholarships ?

There is another post where that same question was asked and Dudley posted what these kids all did in HS or JUCO. They all appeared to be decent or better shooters.

There are games that Gabe shows flashes of how good he can be, then there are games where you wonder if he practiced all week. I hope for the rest of the season we see the kid with the flashes and not the other guy. That alone could be the difference between winning and losing down the stretch.

I think all our forwards and guards have showed glimpses. They just never seem to show them at the same time. I fully expected them to be showing it by now more consistently. Maybe they will start today.

Gabe and Adrio need to play with their skill set. They both try to do too much at times. The same can be considered when it comes to Harris. These 3 need to spend a lot of time working on their shot!

It is what it is…MA lets his players shoot without consequences…very little hope that we make the the big dance.