Arkansas Football:

Counting this season and going back to the 1990 season, this program has won 8 games or more only 11 times. That’s a third decimal place away from 38% of the time, this program is a solid contender. The relevance shifts dramatically when you shift your perspective back to the 60’s through the 80’s. We were indeed a formidable powerhouse at the table of the most successful. Something changed with the close of the Hatfield campaign. We realized we had slipped from that elite status into the second tier, We could run the table in the SWC and turn around to be denied by the true powers of the day. For 29 long years, we can only muster relevant in fits and starts, leaving only mediocre to bad for 62% of the time. Sadly enough, HDN coached 6 of those relevant seasons, and he never was a great coach. The coaches leaving here are moving on towards the sunsets of their careers, not the Hall of Fame. Lou Holtz was the only coach to pass through the ranks and realize great success anywhere. It’s prety cut and dry to me, this organization is just not prioritizing football success as being much more than mediocre. … l-results/

Read the story for yourselves. Every single time we line things out and approach that top tier, something falls apart and we start all over again, and again, and again. We give coaches first, second, and last chances to grab the ring only to watch them come up short and leave this place behind them. Hatfield finally circled back, but not after wandering all over the second tier wasteland far beneath his once relevant status. All programs ebb and flow with regards to success, but the ranges from peak to trough differ greatly. Ranging from top 10 all the way down to just bowl elidgible is the polar opposite to where we sit.