Arkansas football game TV replays TONIGHT (THURS THE 7TH)

Our classic “Fling and a Prayer” game from last fall is being replayed on ESPNU today (Sunday) at 11 am Central. [color=#BF0000]And, starting at 7:30 pm Central this Thursday, the SEC Network will replay 3 of our games from last fall (Auburn, LSU, and Ole Miss) as well as a 30 minute Summer Tour stop at Arkansas they’ve been showing recently, and a replay of our spring game.[/color]

Just a “heads up”.

Thanks! Watching it!!!

I turned it on just in time to hear the commentator say that the pace of the game favors Ole Miss. [quote]Arkansas wants to slow this game down, they don’t want to get in a shootout.
Ha! [attachment=0]lol.gif[/attachment]

On Saturday they had SEC in 60 which broadcast most of the key plays for every game during the season. Was very good…

Bumped because of all the Arkansas games being shown tonight - get the DVR revved up!


Thanks Wiz!!

My night just got more exciting

Both it and the LSU game are on you tube.