Arkansas football coach

Is Arkansas considered a career killing job ?

Let’s see:

  1. Lou Holtz got fired
  2. Kenny Hatfield ran away & took the Clemson job without even seeing their campus
  3. National Champion coach Danny Ford got fired
  4. Used Car Salesman Houston Nutt got run off
  5. Offensive genius Bobby Petrino crashed and burned
  6. Three time Big Ten Champ Bielema has now failed

What makes you think something crazy like that?

Don’t forget Jack Crowe’s famous firing.

And, of course…SMILE!!!

It is a $4 million job in the SEC with potential for more. It isn’t a walk in the park.

While there is a lot of truth there, here is some more: Holtz went on the win a NC at ND and coached for as many years as he wanted to. So no, we didn’t kill his career. Hatfield went to Clemson, not to sisters of the poor, yes, he left Clemson after a short time, but that wasn’t because he coached here. He also coached for years at Rice, so no, didn’t kill his career. Nutt left for Ole Miss. Then, after 4 years, got fired. Maybe Ole Miss killed his career, we didn’t. Bobby is still coaching at a major school. Has been hired twice after HE screwed up here. So, no, we didn’t kill his career.

Holtz won here. Hatfield won here. Nutt won here. Petrino won here. BB? Nope.

What is it about Wisconsin football that they just keep rolling and coaches that leave their program fail…ANDERSEN AND Belemia? Someone stated Alvarez is really the coach.

I know Wisky wins a lot but they really do not play in the hard side of the conf and for non-conf its usually pretty weak.

They rarely play mich, OSU or MSU except in the finals.

Having said that, I would be ok with it :smiley:

Yea, I could be OK with Arkansas having produced the highest paid tackle, guard, and center in the NFL. Our best O-linemen have barely got anywhere in the NFL and it went way down after they left us. Still don’t have a good explanation for that.

The current head coach was w Bielema as his OC might be a truer reality as to why Bielema had so much success. But I thought he had the same look on his face as Bielema when I watched the Ohio St. loss Sat. night. :slight_smile: