Arkansas football and the leaves of autumn

I was just scanning this fall’s schedule, and it hit me - except for the game in Fayetteville on October 1st, the Razorbacks don’t play ONE other home game during the entire month of October…the peak time for the turning of the leaves.

Even before I knew what football was, I was ingrained with my parent’s love of the fall season in Arkansas. My first memories as a child were in El Paso, Texas (Dad worked at White Sands Missile Range, 30 miles away). Mom, especially, would emote about missing the “fall colors” and so I knew about them and how special they were from a very young age.

I know all the reasons for it - conference schedules, TV, having to schedule N/C games years out, the contract to play the Aggies in Jerry World, etc. But there’s something that’s just not right about not having a couple of games in Fayetteville in October.

The imprint of a fall in Fayetteville last forever.

I fell in love on the Hill as the leaves turned. October was always special - there. And Texas week.

Which always (nearly) came in mid-Oct right after Baylor and before a nonconference.

The maples in the historic district seem to flow that time of year. Hard to describe them bright enough.

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