Arkansas @ Florida. WBB

It’s a big day on the road sitting at 9-4 in the SEC win and hold onto a share of 4th place for the double bye!
Today at Florida
Feb 27 @Miss St
Mar 1 LSU

We didn’t play like we were trying to hold onto 4th.

The hogs just come out like it was going to be a walk in the park! They waited until it was too late to start playing defense. They allowed way too many layups. Also when it comes to layups how many shots did we miss right at the basket?
This is just an example of a team playing flat and got beat just like the Georgia game!

And the bigs missed 3 layups in the last 5 minutes of the game as I recall, just when we were threatening to take the lead. That really hurt down the stretch.

Bike the first missed layup happened on the first possession of the game and was repeated all game long. Just like the sloppy turnovers and bad defense that dug the hole for the ladies. They just didn’t come out and play with a sense of urgency. It happens now they better get busy and ready for Miss St.
The Florida loss makes it 2 bad conference losses! Georgia was the first one. One bad loss in non conference play at Cal!
The lack of defense showed up with the number of layups they allowed and the beating the hogs took on the glass at Florida. If they play like that at Miss St they will get beat again. After that Georgia loss the hogs played a pretty good game. Miss St got lucky at Auburn and won and lost to Alabama Sunday. I just hope the hogs beat them and don’t allow Danbury any room to operate.

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