Arkansas-Florida A&M game thread

Jared Cornelius and T.J. Hammonds both going through warmups full speed and looking good.

As expected, Cole Kelley is the No. 2 QB in warmups.

Is the clock functioning correctly?
Sorry, had to throw it out there…


Looks like this will be the smallest crowd at WMS in my lifetime. I’m guessing 30,000 right now. Hard to see it going beyond 40.

Not really shocked by the turnout. Bad matchup on a weeknight with all the potential weather talked about earlier in the week.

Student section is in the running for least full at this point.

Thank goodness SEC Network checked the audio feed before the broadcast. Wow. :x

Talk about unprepared. What an embarrassment for the espn. I’m not surprised. It’s the reason they are losing money every year.

Ty Clary is starting. Wow.

Looked like a whiffed block by Colton on the third-and-short.

Nice coverage on the third down allowed Ramsay to get there.

Colton Jackson was whipped by the end on that interception. Not a good start for the line.

Picking up where we left off. Except on defense, fortunately.

Colton has struggled these first two drives. He’s one of the players I was most curious to see. Needs to prove he can do it in a game setting.

Did we had the long bus ride or famu?

Where’s the Colton Jackson that everyone was raving about?

Ok time to Play now.
Warmup time is over

Devwah to the house

he is exactly what I thought he was…weak run blocker and average at best pass blocker…look out Austin!!! al
already got beat inside on the 3rd and 1 and was beaten easily!!! on the pass rush.

Chase Hayden averaging 10 yards on three carries.

Been watching Ty every play. Missed a block on Hayden’s short run, but has been solid otherwise.

Chase Hayden looking explosive, just like he did all fall camp.

Missed blocks by O line get to get that straight
Slow start by the offense.
Finally a little life by the offense.