Arkansas favored

The Razorbacks are a 2.5-point favorite at South Carolina this weekend.

Hogs opened at 2, so a little flow w Arkansas. S Carolina only 279 yds. Total Offense vs. the Ags.

I’m a little surprised at that.

I’m hoping for a win

Tjat will be awarding

Actually SC opened -1.5 favorite.

Considering how in the second half Texas A&M completely dominated South Carolina, I am not surprised that the Razorbacks are favored. I expect Arkansas to win and they may win by several touchdowns.

Hogs opened -2

Well, here’s another site says Hogs -1. … las-vegas/

That’s a consensus -1 1/2 HOGS.

Covers shows the Wynn opening it Hogs +1, and that was Sunday, it was blasted to the other side. If that’s the first line,
technically your right.

South Carolina must have a lackluster offense if we are favored on the road. Carrying a bad defense on the road is a tough proposition in playing winning football. I have not seen South Carolina play, but they must not be impressive. Hanging with the Aggies at Kyle Field is not easy, however. Vegas must think we can outscore the YardBirds in a shootout.

This one is pretty much a tossup. I sure wouldn’t bet on this game if I were a gambler.

I believe the Hogs have a better group of players than SC (especially with the injuries they have run up against). My biggest fear is our youth and winning on the road. Penalties will be a huge factor in this game for the Hogs.

Actually, total is only 47 1/2 with Ark at -2 1/2 ( Basically predicting a score of Hogs 25 Cocks 22 1/2. I don’t bet on Ark games, but if I did I would bet on Ark scoring more than 25.

I agree. At some point, the young Hogs (and the older ones, too) are going to face adversity in the game. The loud, raucous crowd along with its chicken will be crowing loudly and the Hogs will have to respond. Hopefully, they will stay calm and overcome the moment of adversity.