ARKANSAS fan's gonna fan

Tweet response at Ramel Lloyd announced he was opening up his recruitment.


Grow up man, leave this young man alone!

Wonder how many of these tweets are actually from fans from other schools, posing as UofA fans, to simply sway the recruits to choose elsewhere.

Since joining Twitter in 3/21, Blake Browning is apparently a hot-headed loose cannon in his political & sports tweets - usually twitter attacks of others.

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Every fan base has crazies.

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It’s not not too hard to put a picture up.

I usually think there is a good reason if you don’t have one.

That reason is usually that you pop off stupid takes like this one

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This is a great point. It was automatically assumed this was a hog fan. I know of several incidents in which there have been fans of a certain school posing as Razorback fans in order to create trouble for Arkansas.

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Well, looks like I hit a nerve. Sorry if I upset anyone. That wasn’t my intention. But a slow learner I’m not. I will continue to read what others post on this board, as I am a Razorback fan of 60 years, and I can continue to be one without posting any of my (unpopular) opinions. Adios and #WPS.

If you are going to express an opinion, you can’t get too upset when others do the same.

Didn’t think I said anything in my last post to make you think I’m upset over the negative comments about my post Dudley. I pretty much respect anyone’s opinion, and their right to express it.

When posting on these forums, twitter, etc, we need to recognize that Arkansas players & recruits also read these comments.

That is not to say that these forums are not opportunities to express opinions. However, personal & destructive attacks on players, coaches, or the team do poison the well for current players & recruits & perhaps contrary to the best interests of our teams.


If you’ve ever read any other SEC boards, you’d find Arkansas’ boards are much more tame, than the rest. That’s not saying we don’t go overboard at times, but you’d wonder how Auburn, LSU, or some of the others ever got a recruit.


Don’t mind other SEC & ut fans bagging on their own players & teams. I cringe when we do that to ourselves. Prior to CSP & during our low point in football, surprised any quality recruit would consider Arkansas after all of the doom & gloom from our fans on these forums.

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