Arkansas fans and coaches give Kelly Bryant a good vibe (story)... … good-vibe/

Reading between the lines - I hope (and think) the history, trust and familiarity factor KB has with CM are going to be the deciding factors. I think he picks the Hogs -

It’s obvious CCM makes lasting impressions on recruits. Explains a lot why he has done so well here already considering the circumstances.
I like our chances with KB that much more now.

I think the biggest factor in his decision is trust.

He knows he can’t gamble.

I’m not sure or overly optimistic that we get him, but if we do it will be solely on the fact that he trusts Chad. I think that will go a long way.

It seems to be like you are debating yourself into thinking he is coming.

Which I do.

Sure sounds like we’re the leader in the clubhouse.