Arkansas exceeds Hardy's expectations … ectations/

Since Hardy did not commit, do you think they will now schedule Weathers for an OV again?

Weathers just committed to Okie Light

Yea, staff read that one correctly and didn’t waste anymore time recruiting him when they knew he was going to Ok State. Interesting though because Ok State is now at 14 scholarships, they are going to have to send someone off to make room for Weathers.

Be curious to see if Barrett still visits tomorrow since Hardy didn’t commit. I know he was suppose to visit, then it was off, then heard it was back on.

Don’t recall Barrett’s visit being off.

It was a report week before last he was visiting Michigan then visiting Arkansas and Tulane the following week (which would have been this week). It was either you or Kevin McPherson that said they were unsure he was going to visit, which he didn’t at the reported time. So maybe off is the wrong word rather than unsure when the initial report came out.

Here’s the tweet I’m referring to.

I said at the time the visit wasn’t necessarily etched in stone, but obviously still could happen. Back to the lot of moving parts thing.

Just read a tweet where Hardy said his next visit is likely UNLV.


Do you think we will get Hardy in the end? Would they take his commitment right now if he wanted to commit?

Interesting viewpoints on the Arkansas visit from Amauri’s father. … act-guards

Sure were interesting comments, but as the article said, he did not commit. I can understand a JC player not wanting to come here and get caught up in numbers, but with the talent coming the next few years, I would think a guy who would be a freshman would be highly attracted to our situation. Certainly compared with Memphis.