Arkansas DT Solomon Wright is

a man among boys in his team’s game against Roland

He’s 6-0, but his a bull rusher that reminds of Doughnut Richardson from back in the day. Just exploded off the line and flips blockers left and right.

Early on he has made plays in the middle, has a sack and also made plays to both sidelines.

Very impressed so far.

Vian 8, Roland 0 - late first quarter

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Vian now up 20-0 with 12 minutes left in second quarter

TB Javyn Wright, Solomon’s cousin, has scored three touchdowns, the last coming on a 76-yard dash up the middle

Javyn Wright’s 4th TD is a 68-yard dash.

Vian 30, Roland 0 near halftime

Vian 52, Roland 0 - headed to the 4th Q

Solomon Wright just forced a fumble and recovered when Roland was threatening to score.

Vian 58, Roland 7 - final

Thought on him? I really like his film. Kenyatta said he’s getting looks.

Aloha DD,
Is UA recruiting Javyn Wright? Is he SEC caliber?


Solomon (6-1, 270) doesn’t have the length that a lot of college coaches look for, but he is strong, explosive and so productive.

Dominated the line of scrimmage last night. Almost felt sorry for the two Roland guys trying to block him.

As I noted earlier, he reminds me of the late Richard “Doughnut” Richardson (5-11, 260), who played for the Razorbacks from 1979-1982.

Richardson had 253 career tackles for the Razorbacks, including 24 behind the line of scrimmage for 128 yards in losses. He also had 3 career fumble recoveries, 2 interceptions and 3 pass breakups.

Richardson died of covid earlier this year at age 60.

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Javyn’s offers so far are from the service academies, but Vian head coach Gary Willis said that Power 5 schools are beginning to show notice.

He was the fastest guy on the field last night, but he is only about 6-0, 165

Dudley how does he compare to number 99 on our team whose name totally escapes me, you know I’m old :joy:.I thought number 99 would be a force because his high school footage was impressive like that to just rolled over people. Anyway how does this kid compare?

No. 99 is Enoch Jackson.

They are both of similar size.

I would say that Wright is faster in his pursuit from sideline to sideline.

As for rush technique, run defense, ect., both were impressive. I’m hesitant to praise one of the other more.

That’s because Jackson’s quality of opponent in Texas is far better than that of Wright in Oklahoma.

Thanks… I have really been surprised Jackson hasn’t played more .I thought he was going to be the best of the ones we signed still got time,but I thought he would be playing by now.

Enoch is not listed as playing a snap in either of the first two games this season.

Enoch played 17 snaps last season, 13 against Mississippi State

His high school teammate Taurean Carter did not play any snaps last season. He got in against Georgia this season, but not against Mississippi State.

Obviously Jalen Catalon is flourishing now.

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