Arkansas' downfield passing game

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Chad Morris likes to throw downfield and he is not letting a talentless offensive depth chart stop him. 28.7 percent of the Razorbacks pass attempts have been 20 or more yards downfield this season, easily the highest rate in the SEC. Unfortunately, Arkansas’ revolving door of quarterbacks has only completed 20.0 percent of those attempts (7-35) with three touchdowns and three interceptions. Only Vanderbilt has completed a lower percentage on the deep ball, but at least the Commodores have the good sense to only throw deep on 14.0 percent of their attempts.

I think there will be a lower percentage of deep throws with Storey at QB going forward, at least until the OL starts playing slightly better.

Additionally, I don’t think CM ought to change his philosophy in year one of a rebuilding year.

Even with a large roster turnover there will be lots of guys on the current roster playing next year, and those guys have to learn/adapt to playing in that system- even if the same guy may not be at QB in 2019. Plus you want to show the recruits what you are actually trying to do instead of filling their heads with promises about what you plan to do in the future.

Lord have Mercy - I hope Noland is ready by Ole Miss or Tulsa.

That would work for me. However, I don’t want them to sacrifice him to the Alabama Tide.

IMO we need to quit trying to hit the HR and take what the defense is giving us. The short middle was open ALL game agianst Auburn b/c of all the blitzes and cover 2 and we never even tried to throw it there we just continued to try to work the sidlines where the boundary is another defender and I don’t undertand it makes no sense.
We are going to have to get the ball out quick and get the ball into the hands of our WRs in places where they can have a chance at a big play like BP did.

I agree that you take what they give. Auburn did not get out of their regular defense, because they are good enough not to have to take chances against most folks. There were some opportunities lost, but I thought the scheme overall was okay, we just could not execute it. I liked the idea of looping the RBs out in the flat to burn the pressures, thought we missed a couple of big plays by not completing those passes.

In the first three games the other guys gave the deep and longer intermediate routes. We may get another dose of that today. If they give it, you have to try to take it, and not just beat your head against a wall. trying to find spaces to work the passing game within ten yards of the line. At some point you have to make those corners and safeties back off.

So in what way are we preparing for next year at the QB position, which as you can see is so important?