Arkansas DL target Vernon Broughton nearing a decision (story)...

Got sent some audio today from his interview. … -decision/

Maybe wishful thinking, but Vernon Broughton will call the Hogs.

Thank You Coaches Morris, Ingram and Cooper.

Anyone know whether our Ladybacks are looking at his sister? Article doesn’t say what grade she is, but I’m guessing 9th or 10th.

I could not find her name or age, but will continue to look

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With stats & picture:

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Looks like this is her–Asia Broughton, 6’1", class of 2021.

What’s the latest on Broughton? All the national guys seem to say Texas or Texas A&M? Can’t find anyone that says we have a chance here, even though his mom supposedly really liked us.

Nothing new

Still lists five, but yes most think he stays home

People I talk to outside of Arkansas, don’t know. I know people on the Hill weren’t feeling so good a week or two ago.

Seeing how his Instagram lists aTm and Texass as his final two, I’d say there’s a reason not to be encouraged.

Supposedly he could announce tomorrow.

His momma sure seems like to like the attention Arkansas is showing him, at least according to the Twitters.

She tweets stuff consistently about Arkansas, A&M, and Texas. Pumping up the hype