Arkansas DL pledge Emmit Gooden leads Pirates bounce back (story)... … irates-bo/ :sunglasses:

I saw on twitter he is taking an unofficial visit to Oklahoma this weekend. Not good news.

Agree. Heard awhile back he was going to visit.

He said he was just tagging along with a teammate because his team is off this weekend and Arkansas doesn’t have a game.

So we’ll see

Guess we won’t consider him a commit any longer. Isn’t that the policy?

Here are the head coach’s own words on the subject:

"We have a very, very detailed conversation about, if you’re gonna commit, this means we’re done. You’re not gonna go look at anybody else,” Bielema said last fall. “It’s kind of like you’re getting engaged. We’re not married yet; that happens in February. But you’re not going out on any other dates. You’re not gonna go have a cup of coffee with anybody else. You’re gonna stay with what we are.

“I basically just think that in our program, you have to have an allegiance to [us].”

But he also said this when talking about letting Jeremy Patton take other visits after committing.

“Sometimes when those issues arise, I’ll make an exception,” Bielema said. “Some of them, I’ll make an exception before they commit. Especially now that parents get to travel. They say, ‘Hey, I wanna take this visit, my parents don’t get to travel.’ So, there are some exceptions I’ve made, but for the most part, yeah, we say once you’re in, you’re in.”

So the above pretty much sums it up.

I will keep him as a commit until someone on either side of the fence tells me he is not.