Arkansas Disease

It’s spreading like wildfire. Illinois, Wisky and Notre Dame died from it. Texas Tech and Iowa State got some antibiotics and survived. Auburn is still dragging around an IV.

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Yep auburn losing early in 2nd half.

Auburn will get beat they have no disciple! Their guards are horrible.

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I’m kinda glad there losing. Will be the only team left representing sec. Only 2 last yr, us and Bama to the sweet 16 and only one to elite 8. WPS!

Yes SIR!

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Hogs are about to be the only SEC left. The only one in the Sweet 16. Auburn is toast.

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Disease gonna need a name at some point Pav.
Consult with CDC?

Hear that crowd chanting “SEC! SEC! SEC!” at this Auburn game? Up to Arkansas now to carry the banner and uphold the SEC pride. Sure hope we’re up to it.

COVID. Currently Offensive Vitality Is Defense

U r incredible…

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Non detectable with PCR, temporarily surfaces on the basketball court.

Chanting acc. Sounded like sec though.

Yeah, saw that in another thread. Thought they were mocking the SEC chant.

Well they may have been.

We are like Typhoid Mary

We spread the disease but will not die from it

Hopefully Bulldogs are particularly susceptible

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Stated just like a doctor, Scott, lol. Go Hogs!

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