Arkansas did have a visitor in this weekend...

he is committed elsewhere.

Defensive player.

Asked to keep it under wraps so I will honor that request of the young man’s so it won’t hurt him with his other place if Arkansas does not offer.

I know who this is and believe they should have already offered. Given Stewart to FL and the loss of James why in the world would they not offer? They have the room.

Are we 100% sure he will qualify, I’ve heard both sides on it, and why some other reported offers weren’t solid. Good luck to the young man, whatever happens.

If that’s the issue I understand, but read somewhere where his coach said he would

His name on this board

10-4…hope we offer. Like this kid

DE David Porter tweeted his decommitment from Colorado State.

Yeah, I was going say I guess it’s ok to the name the visitor, haha.