Arkansas dialing down turnovers in SEC play

Turnovers were high on the list of concerns for Arkansas in the early stages of this season. Four games into SEC play, no team in the league is taking better care of the basketball:

Will be crucial for Saturday’s game considering how tough Kentucky is on defense… we don’t need to help them
any that’s for sure.

The Hogs (#1 in the SEC) are averaging nearly 5 more forced turnovers per game as does Kentucky. Personally, I find this as amazing stat.

We will have to turn over Kentucky a lot to offset the rebounding. Hopefully we will be in those passing Lanes!

Kentucky will have unforced TO’s attempting the high light play to be out on ESPN. If the hogs can avoid the live ball TO they will stay on this game. At times the cats really don’t stick on defense. Keep the ball moving and take the open shot.
If the hogs can find a way to get Haggans in foul trouble I think we can win!
TO’s will be a key part of the game but the Free throw line will decide the game in my opinion. Kentucky will get there will our Hogs get any calls! I hope TV Teddy isn’t there!

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