Arkansas depth chart: Week 1

Here is what the depth chart for offense, defense and special teams looks like:

Note: Updated the screenshot. I’ll try to include everyone on the first try next week lol

Have not heard much about Khari Johnson. The frosh from Boston must be doing fairly well.

Very happy to see the names Hudson Henry and Bumper Pool. It seems like their names have been absent from most reports for a couple of weeks. Probably quarantined??

Should we assume that all names listed will probably be available for Saturday? Of course, barring an illness or injury this week.

They will be tested three times weekly for covid-19. I don’t think it’s safe to assume anything about anyone’s status.

Let me reword my question. Were those names, when released, all available to play? Of course, any of those could be injured, get sick, or test positive tjis week.

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I asked Pittman about Khari Johnson and Myles Slusher being on the 2-deep. He said both guys are very mature for their age. Johnson is a good man-coverage corner and very smart.

Have to wonder if the 3 “or” is because 1 is in quarantine

I think the “or” designations are positions where a starter has yet to set himself apart. I’m guessing this depth chart is independent of possible absences. That is to say these are the positions assuming everyone is healthy.

I don’t think the depth chart has any clues as to if someone has been in quarantine or is now in quarantine. I would think Sam Pittman is not going to provide any hints to Georgia in that regard.

Also the screen shot left off the other WR position Mike Woods (1) and Kendall Catalon (2)

Thanks for the note. I’ve updated the screenshot.

Had heard Khari was doing well. The thing that stands out about him is his maturity. Been told he acts like an upperclassman in the way he approaches everything.

Not surprised, he came across that way during the recruiting process.

Any insight from anyone on Luke Jones? Are we surprised after transferring from ND that he is an “or” for 2nd team?

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