Arkansas' depth chart for Week 2 vs. South Carolina

Not a whole lot different than last week, but Dwight McGlothern is now listed as a 1:

Interesting that Catalon and Slusher are listed as starters.

Maybe a little healthier than thought?

From today:

Q – Any update on Catalon, Slusher?

Pittman: Well, we’re not ready, really, to figure out exactly Catalon’s situation. We haven’t, let’s say that, I guess. Slusher’s in the same boat there.

Sounds to me like there’s some uncertainty and they just didn’t change the depth chart at all.

I know NOTHING. This could be completely wrong. But I am taking heart in Pittman not saying “so and so and done so and so and is having more surgery. He’s out.”

if they are figuring things out that gives me hope its not season-ending.

Again…maybe I am wrong. Maybe he just doesn’t want to up and tell SC. Or, maybe the two kids don’t want their info out there yet. Who knows.

I am hopeful though


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