Arkansas Department of Health reports

My grandson who is a pharmacist says that the new Delta variant may not respond to the antibody treatment……
It’s getting scary.

25 percent of Jefferson County has been vaccinated.

I’m not sure that the Big 14 is going to have full stadiums for the most part. The BT is telling its schools to follow local health department regulations, and it’s significant that my temporary license to work in Indiana (home of two BT schools and Notre Dame) has been extended for another three months, meaning the governor there does not think the COVID emergency is over yet. Illinois, Penn State and Michigan are planning full attendance. Ohio State and Iowa are hoping for 100% but haven’t committed to it yet. Wisky announced in February they were shooting for 100% but would scale back if conditions require that.

The Pac-12 has a similar policy, but several schools have already announced plans for full stadiums. Even Stanford, which is located in Santa Clara County which had incredibly tight COVID guidelines over the winter, is planning for full capacity.

Of course, as with us, we’ll see if the variant derails those plans.

I consider myself a COWBOY and very proud to be so. I have hats, boots, horses , cows, pickups (several - you will not catch me driving a roller skate) and am very independent. I was vaccinated the day they called in January and was fully vaccinated by 10 Feb. Don’t know what COWBOY has to do with the virus or a shot - I give shots everyday. Just bought 2 more 5 ways today.

When I go to Rodeos (a lot) the people there are great and the salt of the earth. They will stop and help their fellow man when needed. What has that got to do with Vaccines? Oh yes, the WNFR is sold out again for 10 straight days this December in Vegas. Does that make us bad?


Relax Francis.

Definition of cowboy - a person who is reckless or careless, especially when driving an automobile.

“cowboy coach firms are alleged to have flouted safety rules”

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I don’t know if it’s that so much as it’s summer and people are travelling a lot more right now, so things like this are going to happen.

Well, those things would not happen if most everyone in Arkansas was vaccinated. Many, many Arkansans just don’t get it and probably never will. Sad.

I can understand and respect those who just don’t trust the vaccine as long as they work hard to mask and distance. I have read that close to 50% of medical workers are not vaccinated, but I bet you they wear masks consistently at work and everywhere else. It is the “Legends in Their Own Minds” that think this mask thing is just stupid, there is no danger, and, even if there is, their “right not to wear a mask” is far more important than the deaths that it might cause.

I have a 65 year old sister in Houston that has caught Covid twice and she got the vaccine in between those two episodes. She is being treated for Rheumotoid Arthritis and her medicine prevents the anti-bodies that would make her immune. Here she is living in the middle of anti-vaxxers, she spent 7 days in ICU the last time, and she is home now on oxygen and in a wheelchair. She appears to have severe and permanent lung damage on top of her other health issues. THAT is why there should be severe penalties for anyone not wearing a mask if they refuse to get vaccinated. JMVVVVHO


I neither understand nor respect those who choose to not get vaccinated. Their choice & freedoms endanger my family, friends, & myself. Have already lost 2 family & almost lost a best friend (now with lung damage) from COVID. I might feel otherwise if the non-vaccinated remained isolated for the safety of others.

Because of the new strains & pandemic surge due to so many who choose to not get vaccinated, we are now at risk of another partial shutdown in coming months. I am not for government mandates, but in this case may be necessary for the safety & wellbeing of the general public.

Most hospitals, especially those in Houston, now require staff & employees to be vaccinated (except if exempt for medical reasons) for the safety of the patients or otherwise be fired.


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