Arkansas defensive starters heading to NFL or transferring (8 and counting)

LB Grant Morgan (eligibility)
LB Hayden Henry (eligibility)
DL John Ridgeway (NFL)
DL Tre Williams (eligibility)
DL Markell Utsey (eligibility)
DB Joe Foucha (portal)
DB Greg Brooks (portal)
DB Montaric Brown (NFL)

CB Mo Brown

That really just leaves:

Catalon/Slusher and

That has all the looks of an earthquake. We may have to average 42pts/game just to get to eight wins again.

It sure looks bad when you type it out that way. MAN. The starting front six, plus half of the secondary. Yikes.

Good thing Sam is getting his raise now. Next year will be a step back with an all new defense with little experience. Let’s hope Pool stays to ease the pain. At least Big Cat is back. All these underclassmen DB transfers are concerning.

Lots of seniors and super seniors listed there.

Knew six of them were leaving or likely leaving.

My only surprises are Brooks and Foucha.

Bumoper seems likely to go, but we’ll see

Important when throwing around rumors to note that Carter coaches corners and Odom safeties.

Yes, of course. I just hadn’t seen everyone listed out that were graduating/ going to the NFL. Obviously, Brooks and Foucha were somewhat of a surprise as both were expected to say. The super senior advantage will not exist next year. And it doesn’t seem like we are set to simply reload and will have to rebuild.

My angle is on the roster and not on the rumors on why players are leaving. Brooks and Foucha having a lot of experience and time leaving hurts our roster for next year. Some of the others who have left may hurt, but I have no idea on who wasn’t at the SEC level or not.

Is that implying Odom and Carter may be leaving too?


I would bet a lot that next year is a big step back. That is not a knock on Sam, he did a great job this year. But even a harder schedule and losing so much. We are for sure not in the “reload” mode, we are in the “rebuild” mode.

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Yeah pretty sure Bumper goes now… I think we had a good shot of keeping him had all these guys not decide to leave.

A bumper crop for everyone else. Go figure.

Yeah we’re going to be starting with a brand new defense next year, probably not going to be pretty it wasn’t great this year with a very experienced group who knew the system.

Bumper’s decision is separate from those guys. Bumper has to decide if the evaluation done by the nfl provides him the confidence that he will get picked and make a roster. If he has a free agent grade AND he for sure wants to play ball, he comes back.

If he has a draft grade and is ready for next step in life then he goes. He may be tired of football. Wanna take his chance in nfl and let the chips fall.

I do believe Sam and others are gonna give him all information to make an informed decision. I would think he comes back but I don’t know how many buddies he has remaining on roster to make it fun.

Now we have to wonder what is Catalon thinking?? Does he want to stay here and play basically with a brand new defense??

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I would not be surprised if Neon Deon gets a few. He is putting together a nice program.

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Aren’t the only two that are leaving that were unexpected are Foucha and Brooks? I know there was some “hope” for Ridgeway, but the others were all expected to leave. So, the concern about “all these guys leaving” is really about these two guys? Or am I missing something… been playing catchup on all the posts so may have.

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Bumper got his draft grade back and he projects as a 5th round draft pick. This according to what his father told a mutual friend.