Arkansas DB Class Up in the Air

Brooks a silent commit, but will he follow through ?

Otey now not signing early and planning to take visits

Bush supposedly signing early and enrolling - now deciding to sign in February

Catalon a silent commit, but will he folllow through?

Hope this staff has continued to recruit their plan Bs unlike the last one that was left with an empty bag when things changed late in the process.

The good thing about the early signing period is that you don’t have to continue to recruit 29 players. We will be able to focus on those 7 spots left and hopefully keep what we have.

The bad thing is other programs that are currently more successful will know which of their “ A guys” are not coming and they can focus hard on B guys and turn non commitable offers in to the real thing.

Not for sure Devin is waiting. Not saying he won’t, but I think it’s still a possibility he signs Wednesday.

This is the best position we’ve been in during the recruiting process. (Ever). Filing positions of need with length at WR and speed on defense on the back end. When your worried about a player flipping to another school you are gaining interest from players whom you have a chance to compete with on the field. STEP 1 to building a winner. STEP 2 signing them.

Have some confidence in this staff.

Hope he changes his mind again and decides to sign - desperately needed.

Would be really disappointing and a bad decision honestly if he has the chance to be an early enrollees and waits.

He could get significant playing time this year as an early enrollee, probably not so much as a regular enrollee.

Note that Richard didn’t mention enroll early. He just said maybe “sign” Wednesday. It may be that he didn’t get enough credits to graduate, which also may be why he thought he might wait to sign in Feb. too.

Good eye.

May be the case.

I spent three years in Alabama while Bear was still coaching. He recruited the son of the unit secretary. When I moved to Arkansas not intending to stay it became my opinion that the difference be Hawg fans and Tide fans was simple…Have fans are concerned they are not worthy and Tide fans know.they are. This post just suggest that Hawg fans see themselves as not worthy why else would you worry?

Oh we’re worthy… just seen us get our teeth kicked in time and time again on and near signing day and you have too if you’ve followed recruiting closely over the years.

JR is the poster boy for “Realist not a Pessimist” :stuck_out_tongue:

I know - ole Jackson is too negative! Just remember back in 2016 somebody was sounding the alarm bells about OL recruiting and was told he was being too negative and that Bielema and the gang would straighten it all out!

If we don’t sign 3 CBs THAT CAN PLAY the Chavis system won’t work. Too many average and/or young corners really hampered him at A& M.

We all watched a few that can play in Chavis’s system this last year quite on the field against Moo U and Missouri. ( Pulley) whom most folks want back. While I doubt we have anyone better waiting to take his spot I hope we can get to a point where we aren’t playing folks that lack the heart to give it their all because we the next man up can’t play!
I guess the real issue is talent vs heart. Very few now days have both. Where are the Tony Bua’s these days! We need a few.
The silver lining this year is if we sign 16 tomorrow they are an upgrade in talent over what we have witnessed this past season. Come February holding onto to the 2 instate and 2 of the out of state players would put the hogs back on solid ground. I’m proud we are in the mix for top talent. I’m excited about spring ball!

The more time given for other programs (winning programs) have to play with a recruit’s mind set about AR football does no bode well for us.
Not saying this staff can’t pull it off in the recruiting battle for these guys, but it stacks the odds against us.
This isn’t our 1st rodeo here.

Agree 100%

I heard a national guy on a show somewhere but don’t remember where. He indicated he thinks this is a strategy now and will continue in the future… School A is recruiting against School B… recruit commits to school A but really wants to attend school B as has been his lifelong dream…School B tells recruit we know you want to play for us and we want you but stay committed to school A but do not sign during the ESD for whatever reason, hold that spot on their commitment list and then right at NSD flip to us and leave rival school A scrambling at the last minute.

Doubt that is going on with Arkansas because we’re probably not viewed as a threat to anyone in recruiting right now but I could see the Harbaugh’s, Malzahn’s and Myer’s of the world doing this…

I don’t doubt anything as far as cut throat recruiting tactics these days.