Arkansas D vs. Nova

Arkansas AdjD is 10 according to Pomeroy. Nova’s is 69. Nova held Baylor to 62 points. What will we hold Baylor to? 59? 55? What’s the magic number?

The magic number is one more than they get.

70 is that number for me. We cannot let them score more than 70…

We of course need to get over that amount. I will take a 70-68 win.

I will take 69-68 or 20-19 as long as we have the 69 or 20!

Baylor plays at a slower tempo than we do. Their Pomeroy tempo number is 68.1; we’re 72.8. It should be noted that the ORU game was faster than normal for both teams; I estimated 74 possessions from the box score, and ORU’s tempo number was 71.4.

I think we need to speed Baylor up a bit, and if we do, I won’t be surprised if they score more than 70, and we score more than they do.

That’s interesting. I’ve wondered what our tempo should be tonight. I definitely think we are better if we play faster, but only if under control and turnovers are limited. I definitely didn’t like the tempo in the ORU although we got 77 shots. Tate tends to walk it up, which is ok, to be safe, but I tend to agree that we need to speed things up. I’d like to keep Baylor under 65.

I told my wife that if we kept ORU to 70 or less we would win. I feel similar for this game. Surely our three-point shooting will be much better in this game. If Moses is playing up to his ability, we win. It is time for him to have one of his 20+ games.

We will need to see a JD Notae outburst as our bench will need to score some points tonight.


Not sure tempo benefits us tonight unless it’s based on a live ball turnover.

I also hate their unis. Yuck!!

Does Bay walk the ball up. I find that very interesting.

So we score more points that they do?

Anybody have the scores, totals of each teams?

Baylor has averaged 84 points per game, we’ve averaged 82. Even though they play at a somewhat slower tempo. I wouldn’t say they walk it up but they may not take shots quite as quickly as we do.

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