Arkansas commits Khalen Robinson and Moses Moody

playing on ESPNU on Monday afternoon.

Robinson’s game is at 2 p.m., Moody’s at 4 p.m.

Bronny James currently playing now with his dad in attendance ahead of his game at Boston tonight.

Thanks for the info. Setting my VCR now for those 4 hours.

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VCR???:joy::joy: Some on here won’t know what that is.


And then their are folks like me (because of work) taped many bb games on the VCR. We have many old games still on VCR tape and no VCR player.

I converted my whole library of over 200;Razorback games to DVD. You should do that. Amazingly the picture quality also improves,

KK lighting it up. Leading scorer w 17. Hasn’t missed a shot. Also hasn’t forced anything like a lot of these other kids. Handles ball well, can go to the hole. Very quick Impressed for sure. Can’t wait to see him in a Razorback uniform.

If these kids make it to campus, we have a lot to look forward to folks.

Yes, I will need to get that done. Then I need to get a DVD player. I moved last year into a condo and bought all new TV’s and systems. Did not include a DVD player. My wife has reminded me several times I need to get one.

Big-time game on a big-time stage so far for KK Robinson

KK Robinson finishes with 24 points as No. 3 Oak Hill wins 84-70 over Bishop Gorman.

Oak Hill is now 27-1.

Fellow Arkansas commit Moses Moody and No. 1 Montverde Academy up next.

Moody w 2 threes early

Duh, well I got 2 of my 3 letters correct. And, I only missed the correct letter by 1 spot in the alphabet. A “C” instead of a “D”. I guess I could claim I’m dyslexic and it was a typo. And, close counts for an old fart like me. :woozy_face:

Anyway it’s recording on my DVR.

If I interrupted my spouse while she’s watching The Crown, we would have a DVR in my home.

Domestic Violence Report.

Thread Jack ends.

Here is hoping Moses is the next McDonalds AA to play for the Hogs after Portis. He is borderline to be picked. Fingers crossed.

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Harley, it’s all in good fun. I still have a VCR. I don’t know why but I do.

What did Moody end up scoring?

Moody had 12 pts and 4 rebounds. He just played less than a half because of the score.

Did everyone notice that another player 2021 Jalen Ricks out of Sylvan Hills played for Oak Hill and had a smooth looking 3? He is one of the Arkansas targets for the next class. Watch for Jalen to be a key player for Oak Hill next year.

He has talked about wanting to be a Razorback since he was a freshman. Hope the numbers at Arkansas work out for him because Arkansas must get 2022 Nick Smith out of Sylvan Hills.

Very impressed with both players. Going to be interesting to see how Muss does the rotation next year.

Adding Notae, Davis, Moody and Robinson in the backcourt.
Losing Harris in the backcourt (think he goes Grad transfer, think Joe and Jones return)

Adding Williams, Iyoila (Sp?) and Vanover
Losing Bailey and Henderson (if he wants to play he needs to transfer)

Under that scenario there would still be 2 spots to fill. Likely at least one grad transfer (as noted above) since Mason would be your only senior. Maybe look to add one sit out that would match with Vanover’s class.