Arkansas- Colorado State game thread

Let’s do it.

Just saw on SEC Network a flyover which was nice, but wondered where the banners were.

Lots of smoke coming out the back, maybe smoke signals?

Wow. That’s not good

wow, just wow

Well great start. Might have to score 80 to win this one

I do not believe it, but we should still win this game.

Just awful start

How does that happen???

Looks like a shootout brewing

Just as an impressive by offense. We found our qb. Two freshmen receivers making an impact early

I think you’re gonna be close.

Yes, indeed. Told everybody after the switch last week, I got hope.

Those two passes were works of art


I think I will turn this off and watch the game.

Starkel looked great. Let’s hope this gets our offense going!

Nice defensive play by Henry

Youdaman could run trough that hole…

I think any of us could

Starkel has some nice accuracy. Should have been a TD

Offense looks so much better under Starkle. Offensive line looks more confident. But the receivers have dropped a couple of paces.