Arkansas coaches help land 4-star CB

This is the latest commitment story for me. I think the previous latest was Archie Goodwin when he went to Kentucky. He committed around 1140 or so best I remember.

Normally don’t do commitment stories on out of state commitments but had to with Archie because he was such a high profile kid.

Btw, this wraps up DB recruiting for ‘23. Have to hold on to them now.


Richard I told you Bowman was going to be the man the first time I watched him talk and work with the kids! Welcome aboard Jaylon


Wow - just went thru and revisited all of our '23 commitments - they have already put together an unbelievable group of student athletes, hopefully with a few more to come. We do have to hang on to them now for a few months

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OK, I’m being greedy here but are there any uncommitted 5-stars we’re still recruiting?

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I hope we do hold on to them….that’s for dang sure! In years past I was always really nervous from about now until early signing period for fear of losing kids but there is just something about this staff, our DB coach and Pitt that gives me a little bit of ease in my concern. Now, if Bama comes in and offers one of the Bama kids we may not be able to do anything about that. Hope we finish it out strong!

Of course the upcoming class is yet to arrive, hopefully we keep them, and the 2022 recruits are yet to play a down, but it looks to me that we have really attracted some talent for the secondary. I like last years class, but Bowman seems to be a real force on the recruiting trail and his early results look even stronger than his predecessor.


No 5-stars that I can see. Markis Deal (Texas) and Madden Sanker (Louisville) would be the two top 250-type recruits who are not committed (predicted destinations indicated parenthetically). I notice that Kayden McDonald (Gwinnett GA DL) has not been mentioned in a long time. He has a lot of Arkansas family and visited unofficially. Would love to fully stock the DL this class.

To make sure I am clear - I don’t see us getting any of these, with Deal having the highest odds (still small).

It may be on to 2024 for 5-stars.

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Almost replying to myself (sorry), a year ago Rocket Sanders looked good but not AA good. If you were to re-rank after one year he might well be a 5-star talent. I think we have a couple of those in this class. I really want the national gooroos to get around to a re-evaluation this summer or fall. I think we have several candidates to move up.

Kaleb James’ relocation to Mansfield, TX HS from a private school should help him get attention and a possible large bump. Joey Su’a has not been reevaluated since he came to Arkansas (and became a UA commit). Isaiah Augustave moved schools and may get more attention now. Carson Dean is a guy that sure seems under-rated. The two recent monster DT commits were barely in the system - while I’d like to see them get some notoriety for themselves I do not want the attention of the big dogs swooping in after them.

I just looked up McDonald at On3. They include distance from his home to the schools he’s considering, which is an interesting touch. His lead school according to them is Meechigan. The Big House is actually 8 miles closer to him than RRS is.

They give us essentially no chance, BTW. We have a better chance at Deal than at McDonald, and that’s not much. Sanker and McDonald are both listed at <1%. Deal is like 2.3%

Yeah, our chances are slim. Sanker and Deal both did official visits in June. McDonald’s visit was last spring/winter and was unofficial. I think each have been to UA more than once.

I am presuming that with the 2023 class getting close to “full” (the old “full,” when 25 was all you could sign) that the recruiting writers would have talked up one of these guys more. They are out of uncommitted targets to write about! Thus, like the coaches, it is on to new names and maybe even a new class (2024).

While I always like to have a top 20 recruiting class or better, I’m fine with this one if we finish outside of that. I really like this one because i think Coach Pittman is the best talent Evaluator that we’ve had and has assembled a staff of great recruiters. Regardless of the final rankings, I’m satisfied with this class because it fills alot of needs. Now we need to just hold on to them until signing day.

Take our current recruiting rating on 247, place it in the Final Rank for last year, we would have finished 19th vs actual 28th.


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