Arkansas clearly values playing in Arlington (story)... … -win-hogs/

Duds, reading between the lines, do you think A&M will play out the contract or try to get out early? It’s sounding to me like they want out sooner.

They might try to get out of it, but it won’t work per the people who should know

Playing at Arlington should be a great advantage for Arkansas but Losing consistently there should hel TAMU in Dallas much more than Arkansas - right?

DD can you clarify from your insight how important playing at Arlington is in light of the dominance TAMU has over Arkansas in the venue?

Our students love the game there, our alumni in the Metroplex love the game there. The series has been in streaks, their win last night evened the games there 3-3. They were the better team no question last night, the previous 2 seasons they were not. TAMU is already in Texas, so they do ok recruiting in that area already. The program that benefits more is Arkansas, we recruit there in athletics as well as for students. The UA places great value in having that game there. I’m not ready to concede at all that A&M is just too powerful for us to ever contend with. Been hearing that since the 70’s. We had a bad last 17 minutes, before that I thought we looked as good or better than the Aggies.

Thank you for some ground truth and a level headed response

I needed that

Time to move on - hope Ark gets this Aggie Monkey off its back next year

For now beat Bama and UF and it will fix a lot of problems haven’t beat them in years

Arkansas won three in a row at Arlington under Petrino when Sumlin was not there. But since Sumlin arrived at A&M, we have not won whether it is at Arlington or Fayetteville or College Station. So, you can’t pin this on Arlington. Sumlin is the one dominating Arkansas and not Arlington.