Arkansas championship team deserves to be honored (column)...

and will be on Friday and Saturday … be-honore/

Nolan is a special part of our Arkansas heritage. And the ‘94 National Championship proved that he was a great, great coach. I just watched a documentary on the SEC Network titled 40 Minutes of Hell. It was bittersweet reliving the great moments and the tough times near the end. It reminded me of the not so subtle comments by a few commentators/fans about his style being Rat Ball and other derogatory names. And in the end his style looked exactly like what the genius himself ran (Coach K). Sad, very sad.

So many mistakes by our administration and Nolan surely didn’t help with his outbursts. Who knows what went on behind the scenes but golly why not work those issues out in private?

John White shoulders much of the blame (at least IMO).

Please name the floor after Nolan. And put up a statue of Nolan. He and his team deserve it.

I agree with you 100%. Sure doesn’t seem like its been 25 years ago. Time sure flies.

Yes it’s hard to believe that in the not too distant future that NC will have occurred in the FIRST HALF of my life…

1st 2/3 my life— I was fortunate to be sitting directly in line with Scottie and the basket— was certain shot gonna be blocked cause had to catch and shoot as some tall guy was right in his face— went nuts when ball found the net

You and I weren’t far apart then! I was 15, one of the highlights of my life when my dad surprised me with tickets. It was his 74th birthday yesterday…time flies.

I was at that game sitting on the opposite end of the court from “the shot” in the middle of a big group of Duke fans. One of the best days of my life…

I was sitting on the couch in Memphis with my wife who was recovering from a stem cell transplant from her second bout with breast cancer. It was a very bright spot at a difficult time but on the bright side she will be celebrating her 25 year victory along with all of the 1994 National Champion Razorbacks.
I have been looking at the You Tube clips of the games during the great period of Razorback Basketball (94/95 specifically) and they were really good! Sometimes you forget just how good. It just reminds that its all about the players.

Too bad that the main man Corliss cannot be there because of his job with Phoenix Suns.


I agree with you 100%. Sure doesn’t seem like its been 25 years ago. [b[Time sure flies.

[/quote]40 years since I graduated from Arkansas; it flies real fast. 25 years seems like - yesterday.