Arkansas center Ty Clary hoping for breakout season (story)... … ut-season/

I’m hoping Arkansas has a breakout season too … but what does a breakout season look like now?

Any ideas what that looks like DD? Realistically

Bowl game at the end of the season.

if he doesn’t improve a lot, then we will really struggle this season. his backup is RS Frosh, so it’d be nice not to have Silas thrown to the wolves this early.

But IF Colton has a solid senior year, IF Austin plays to his potential and is an athletic, aggressive LG, IF Clenin/Winkel can play RG, and IF we can avoid injuries in the OL, then we have a chance to win 6-7 regular season games.

I didn’t mention Noah, Myron or Davenport, because I really feel good about those guys. Love Gatlin and love the reports you guys are giving us about Myron.

Man, if we can somehow get 6 wins and go win a bowl game, would be a nice momentum builder for 2020.

I really miss bowl games, they are a lot of fun to attend with my dad/sons and friends.

Also we go to ND 2020-can’t wait to see that stadium, but also our team needs to really improve before we go there. that would be a great win, like a 'program turning around", national recognition, type of game.


That would be good but I’m not expecting a bowl this year

But I am seeing 4 wins and 1 possible SEC win for 5 wins

Significant improvement

I’m assuming Ark still has enough talent to beat the non conference schedule

I’m liking Coach Morris but I’m being caughtious

Too many failed expectations to get excited yet

Yes a Bowl game would be great

A Bowl Victory is always a must IMHO

Last game - ranking voters, teams and fans remember that game

Starts building hype that is so important in this Information Age

Just win and keep winning

ND - Yes a Win there would be a signature win and hopefully traction for better times in the Morris era

I’ve never got that heavy into thinking a bowl victory is a must. Lots of factors go into that. Right now, getting two weeks of extra practice is just as important as a bowl win.

I’ll concede - Ark is so far behind two weeks of practice is needed - bowl talk is really premature as bad as this program has fallen

I hope Arkansas doesn’t fall into the culture that assumes just making it to a bowl is good enough - our historical bowl record points to that

My hope still is Arkansas will be a truly great program - Wins and Bowl wins are hallmarks of great programs

But I may have a totally different attitude if I was closer to the program and knew the players and coaches on a more personal level

I know I’m far less goal driven When I’m into the relationships more and truly understood the effort and investment of those On the team

Sadly I’m long removed so all I really see most the time is W’s and L’s

It’s been so bad I expect losses now but hope they Razorbacks of old will return

I would say getting to a bowl would be a successful second season for Coach Morris and his staff.

That would be winning all four non-conference games and winning two SEC ones, which I think is doable with the new QBs and other offensive improvements.

But it won’t be easy to accomplish.

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Arkansas Razorbacks’ 2019 Schedule

Date Opponent

Aug. 31 Portland State

Sept. 7 at Ole Miss

Sept. 14 Colorado State

Sept. 21 San Jose State

Sept. 28 vs. Texas A&M (Arlington)

Oct. 12 at Kentucky

Oct. 19 Auburn

Oct. 26 at Alabama

Nov. 2 Mississippi State

Nov. 9 Western Kentucky

Nov. 23 at LSU

Nov. 30 Missouri (Little Rock)

I so hope you’re correct DD

I an cautious- not sure I see an SEC team that I am confident the Razorbacks can beat

It’s a kind of scrimmage league

Do we have the depth of talent required to win in the SEc?

We will see