Arkansas bucks national attendance trend again … ile-natio/

Obviously, what we report is tickets sold, not butts in seats. But everyone else is reporting the same thing, so it is an apples to apples comparison. Mizzou reported 52,000 attendance on Black Friday, but about 25,000 of them came disguised as empty aluminum.

Where does the rest of SEC rank?

SEC attendance as a whole dropped 1 percent but the league still ranked #1 in total attendance.

We were 21st nationally in home attendance, Matt, not 17th. It took an 80K average to make the top 15, and almost 75K for the top 19. Then Iowa and us just under 70K. Even if you ignore the Little Rock game and just include the RRS games, we would only pass Iowa for 20th.

Four SEC schools were among the seven schools nationally that averaged 100K at home, which probably explains why the league was #1. Those were, in order, A&M, Bama, LSU and Tennessee, even though A&M attendance was down 2%; LSU was up 8%. Georgia was 92K, Florida 87K (down 2%), Auburn 86K (down 1%), Chickens 76K (down 2%), us (up 3%), OM 64K (up 7%), Moo U 58K (down 6%), Kentucky 53K (down 12%), Misery 52K (down 20%), Vandy 31K (down 3%).

Arkansas was 17th in total attendance; 21st in average attendance: … ivision=11

OK. Weird that they would do a total attendance stat. That’s gonna be loaded to the teams with more home games. If we had had seven RRS games (playing TCU here) with same average, we’d have been 12th in total attendance, just ahead of Georgia (which averaged nearly a third more fans than we did). Of course, the teams with more home games also tend to be the ones with the biggest stadiums.

It’s kind of a pet peeve for me that they calculate our percentage of attendance ignoring that we play one game in a stadium with 18,000 fewer seats. But then I guess it’s our choice to pass up those 18,000 seats once a year.