Arkansas boasting several new wide receiver options (story)... … t-options/

I remember that he had good test numbers when he arrived, but that is really impressive!


Apparently was that day.

Gary Crossing Route. One fast red bug. Now if we can just find a QB who can hit these supercharged new WR’s in stride.

The two guys featured in that article had a long way to go to get into the receiver rotation, but now after years of grinding they suddenly are “new” options for the new staff.

Cross had the what sounds like a rough road through JC, and then spent his first year on the team as more of a fast guy in a football uniform than a receiver. Now he’s worked his way into the rotation, and could be a very interesting option this year.

Enlow has seemingly overcome the knee injury that knocked him out of his senior year of high school. It’s taken him the best part of three years since he got hurt to get his body right and learn the college game. Now he gives us another receiver with good size, and he is only a redshirt soph.

well I like that he’s a freak athlete but so is Jordan Jones…hopefully they will bring that to the GAME field.